domingo, 8 de febrero de 2009

Hottie list for febrary

well my top ten of music for febrary and my b-day and st. valentine

10. Trouble - Nevershoutnever!
9. Rainbow veins - Owl city
8. Shempi - Ratatat
7. Draw Japan - The horrors
6. Decode - Paramore
5. Everyone nose - N.E.R.D
4. Chocolate & yogurt - Afrodita
3. Foudations - Kate Nash
2. Off the hook - CSS
1. Love love love - James blunt

and the best album the number "0" is maybe the reason why Im making this post!
:) is YOUTH NOVELS by LYKKE LI! I dont know the reason, is maybe becouse her strange voice and innocense style (read weel I said style, I love the lyrics) since I heard the hit Little bit(not my fave) my fave is maybe MY LOVE

OMG! my bday is comin as how Im going to hell!
I wanna make a big party; with a special music and cool DJs
Ill talk with Lexa and ask her if she wants to enjoy the party with me
cause her bday's in 28 and mine is 26

Febrary a lot of parties and photos with evee

now the top music videos; I only have 5!

5. DECODE - paramore (is my mistake that I love twilight)

4. Las luces de esta ciudad - Division Minuscula

3. (s)AINT - Marylin Manson ( i cant say how i love this guy)

2. Just dance - Lady Gaga

1. Little bit - LYKKE LI ♥

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