domingo, 1 de febrero de 2009


A long night without everything less cigarretes

First; Ilse and me stayed in "PLAZA DEL SOL" (sun's mall) and later we get a bored party with crazy and high people, I'll tell you they burnt a xmas tree it was pathetic and lame, some of them study in my ex-school; please I mean its cool if you are high but f*ck is my f*cking planet too, and later we just ran fastest as we can; and go to a little bar close of my house, we were so drunkie.
Let me tell you I really need more days as it, it was a fast and long night at same.

2 comentarios:

ryder dijo...

burning xtree? hmp. well, as long as you are styled and seem to have fun in a bar;).

Moroni On Shine dijo...

ahahahaha mas dias de esos, mas momentos como esos, por cierto re bueno el blog, como sea me largo, chau.